British Gold Sovereign                              
The British Gold Sovereign coin was first introduced in 1816 by George III. these nickel sized gold coins quickly became the world’s most widely used gold coin being minted minted in pretoria, bombay, ottawa, melbourne, perth, and sydney. available dates for the british sovereign range from 1839 to 2006.

The obverse of the british sovereign gold coin from 1953 and on features the bust of queen elizabeth ii. the bust is surrounded by words containing the name of the queen elizabeth ii followed by the words “dei gratia regina f:d”. the reverse on each gold coin features a famous representation of st. george on a horseback slaying a mythical dragon. the date and mint mark appear beneath St. George.

The coins are one of the best ways to invest in gold as they are Internationally traded and recognized for it's 23K gold content and valued on the current gold rate.
British Gold Sovereign
British Gold Sovereign: According to the prevailing practice, Bank of England removed half sovereigns and worn out coins from circulation and re-minted them during the Victorian period. Federal regulations made sure that gold coins that were offered as international payments to countries like the United States by England were melted and made into bars. Many coins were also melted in the year 1933 when they were removed completely from circulation.
British Gold
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